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Whatever the product pools that you need in our store you will find a wide range of chemical products for swimming pools that will allow you to keep the water of your pool always in perfect condition to the bathroom. Find out in our sale of products for disinfection or pH regulation as anti-algae, flocculant, increasers and reducers, and many more. Enjoy a crystal clear water and healthy without paying more with Times Pool.

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Increaser of pH Granular compound to raise the pH of the water when it is lower than 7.2. A low pH can cause irritation, corrosion of metal parts of the pool or excessive consumption of disinfectant. Container of 6 kg
Hibernation pack for pools of stoneware. Ideal to keep the pool water during winter. Hibernation prevents emptying and subsequent filling of the pool at the beginning of the season. It means economic and resource...
Flocculant in cartridges of 125 g (sachet of screen). Packaging of 1 Kg 8 bags flocculants Flocculation rapid and clarification continued from the water of the pool. To place in the inside of the skimmers

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