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Products swimming pools

Whatever the product pools that you need in our store you will find a wide range of chemical products for swimming pools that will allow you to keep the water of your pool always in perfect condition to the bathroom. Find out in our sale of products for disinfection or pH regulation as anti-algae, flocculant, increasers and reducers, and many more. Enjoy a crystal clear water and healthy without paying more with Times Pool.

  • Anti-algae pool

    The anti-algae pool or algaecide is a product used to prevent the appearance of algae, bacteria and fungi that cause greenish coloring and slippery surfaces. The conditions for algae to stay and reproduce are: very hot water, unbalanced pH levels, few hours with the filtration equipment... Algae are installed in the pool when free chlorine is not enough so avoiding algae in the pool is just a matter of good maintenance. Prevention is the best solution!

    In our online store we have concentrated anti-algae products, such as the 5L liquid anti-algae concentrate, perfect for applying a maintenance treatment every week to prevent algae growth and to achieve clean and crystal clear water. 

    If the algae have already been installed in your pool, don't worry, we have the products to kill them! At Momentos Piscina we have a wide range of products to remove all types of algae: green, brown, black, yellow and red. Like the CTX-575, a concentrated algae killer that will eliminate all types of algae and can be applied to all types of pools. 

    One of the most pleasant things and even more in summer, is to make a dip in a pool with clean and transparent water but for that it is necessary to make an optimal maintenance. So we recommend you to control the chlorine and pH levels, clean the bottom and walls and apply anti-algae to prevent greenish coloring and slippery surfaces. As the saying goes: Better safe than sorry!

  • Descaler

    The descaler is a swimming pool product used for the dissolution and removal of lime scale and other organic residues that cause stains on the walls and accessories of the pool.  In pools with hard water or water coming from a well, it is more common to have calcareous incrustations, organic residues or mineral sediments, so we recommend the use of anti-lime or descaling products. 

    For the prevention of lime incrustations in the pool, we recommend using the CTX-600 anti lime product for weekly pool maintenance.

    When renewing the water of the swimming pool and when the pool is empty, we recommend to make a general cleaning of the walls and floor of the swimming pool and of the interior of the filter of the swimming pool with the descaler DECAL.

    It is important to carry out a good maintenance of the swimming pool so that the residues and microorganisms do not adhere to the surface of the walls. We recommend controlling the pH and chlorine levels, cleaning the walls and bottom and applying preventive products to avoid the proliferation of incrustations or other residues. 

  • Pools Bromine

    Do you want to stop feeling the smell of chlorine, itchy eyes or some skin irritation? We have the solution for you, disinfect the water with bromine, an ideal alternative to chlorine because it disinfects the pool water and also offers many advantages. Bromine is one of the most widely used products to treat water in spas, jacuzzis and indoor pools but it can also be used as a disinfectant in any type of pool as it has the same functions as chlorine. 

    One of the most important advantages over chlorine is that bromine does not produce unpleasant odors or irritation to the skin or eyes. It is widely used in spas and jacuzzis because it is stable at high temperatures. In addition, bromine is highly effective at high pH levels.

    In private pools a residual bromine value of 1-3 ppm is recommended, in private spas 2-4 ppm, in public pools 3-5 ppm and in public spas 4-6 ppm. It is important to measure the pH and bromine level with an analyzer kit and adjust it to the optimum level.

    Whether you choose disinfection with or without chlorine, it is important to monitor the pH and bromine or chlorine levels and perform weekly pool maintenance. This way you will get a pool in perfect condition to look like all season long. 

  • Flocculant

    The flocculating agent is a product for swimming pools is essential for the treatment of the water. This product is responsible for the flocculation, which consists of grouping the particles suspended in the water (from storms, wind, or their own swimmers) in order to facilitate their filtration. With the removal of these particles that clouds the water to get a swimming pool more transparent and clean. Choose now your flocculant in our store, swimming pools with a very economical price.

  • Invernador pool

    Find it in our selection of products the invernador pool perfect for the maintenance of your pool in the winter. Hibernate the pool will keep the water throughout the year and even for several seasons, so you'll get a great saving in water and energy. A savings that not only you will notice your pocket but also the environment. In addition, the setup for the next season will be much more convenient and less expensive. We have invernadores for swimming pool tile, liner and polyester. We will help you with the process with a few tips to hibernate the pool.

  • Regulators pH swimming pool

    Pool pH regulators are essential elements to maintain an optimal level of pH in the water and enjoy a clean and healthy pool. With chemical products that increase pH and reduce pH, we can balance this level and achieve both an adequate consumption of disinfectant and a better well-being for swimmers. In Momentos Piscina you will find a wide range of pH regulators that will allow you to enjoy a swimming pool in perfect conditions without having to pay more. Discover them all!

  • Chlorine for swimming pools

    Chlorine for pools is a chemical that allows us to eliminate pathogenic micro-organisms and germs from the water (although this seems clean). Thanks to products like bleach we can achieve a disinfection 100% complete and keeping the pool in perfect conditions for its use. Its proven effectiveness, its affordable price and its many advantages converted to chlorine in the disinfection system for swimming pools more popular. Consult our entire range of pool disinfection and find the best price to buy pool chlorine.


    The gamma of products Piscimar is perfect for treating the water of swimming pools, hot tubs or spas for both private and public. This prestigious brand of chemical products for swimming pools has a wide range of treatments stand to eliminate all kinds of algae, oils, insects, metals and many more items. Using the products pools Piscimar you'll be able to meet all the needs of your pool for proper maintenance and chemical balance of the water.

Active filters

Anti-algae liquid concentrate 5 L


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Increaser PH PLUS GR


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Flocculant liquid for pools 5L


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Iverliner - Swimming pool winterizer


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Descaler liquid pools DECAL 5 L


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Anti-algae liquid concentrate 25 L

Increaser PH PLUS LQ liquid

Flocculant liquid for pools 20L

Chlorine fast dichloro granules 2 Kg


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Ivernet - Swimming Pool winterizer 6 months protection


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Bromine in tablets Quimicamp 1 Kg


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Depredator CTX-575 algae destroyer 1L


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Descaler liquid pools DECAL 20 L

Reducer PH MINUS GR 8Kg


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Flocculant in tablets


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Chlorine fast DICHLORO granulated 5 Kg


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Bromine in tablets Q-Brom 5 Kg


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Cleaning waterline Bordnet BAYROL 1L


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Depredator CTX-575 Algae destroyer 3L


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Invernador liquid HIVERN 5 L


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Reducer PH MINUS LQ liquid


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

Trichlor granulated 1 kg


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28

WinterStar invernador for swimming pools liner CTX-551


Receive it between Tue 26 and Thu 28