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Diffusers are an important part of the irrigation system, since they are responsible for regulating how the water comes out, the angle of irrigation and the distance.

The use of the diffusers is recommended for spaces of small dimensions as they can be sets of flowers, shrubs, prairies or lawns always hi when the path of the water is not covered by plants, shrubs...

The operation of the diffuser is in the form of a fan, a constant curtain of water, and are the irrigation nozzles that determine the manner and amount of water that is projected.

In our gardening online store we have bull diffusers that guarantee quality and efficiency in their products such as the 570 toro diffuser, ideal for high or variable working pressure, with long or sloping sections. 

In Momentos Piscina you will find the ideal toro diffusers for your garden as well as accessories for irrigation diffusers such as diffuser rings or diffuser extensions. 

Do not hesitate to contact our Momentos Piscina team for any question. 

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