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Surface water pumps

Surface water pumps are multi-stage centrifugal pumps suitable for water supply. They are characterized by being domestic pressurization equipment manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials and, depending on the model, self-priming for more demanding installations. 

These pumps are designed to work with clean water in domestic, industrial, agricultural, gardening and hydropneumatic pressure sets. 

In our online store you will find a wide range of multistage centrifugal pumps such as the Espa Prisma 15 pump and the Prisma 25 pump. We have the presscontrol pressdrive to assemble with the pump and whose function is to start and stop automatically according to water consumption. Another option we offer in Momentos Piscina is the acquisition of the complete set, the pressure group composed by the pump and the pressdrive. 

Discover in our wide catalog the model of surface water pump that better adapts to your installation. 

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Pump Espa Prisma 15


Pump Espa Prisma 25


Pressure group Espa PDS - Prisma & Pressdrive


Pressure group Espa PDS 05 - Prisma & Pressdrive


Presscontrol Pressdrive Espa


Presscontrol Pressdrive 05 Espa