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Chlorine for swimming pools

Chlorine for pools is a chemical that allows us to eliminate pathogenic micro-organisms and germs from the water (although this seems clean). Thanks to products like bleach we can achieve a disinfection 100% complete and keeping the pool in perfect conditions for its use. Its proven effectiveness, its affordable price and its many advantages converted to chlorine in the disinfection system for swimming pools more popular. Consult our entire range of pool disinfection and find the best price to buy pool chlorine.

Active filters

Chlorine fast dichloro granules 2 Kg


Chlorine fast DICHLORO granulated 5 Kg


Trichlor granulated 1 kg


Trichlor granulated 5 kg


Trichlor granulated 30 kg


Trichlor in tablets 1,2 Kg


Trichlor in tablets 5 Kg


Trichlor in tablets 25 Kg


Chlorine multiaction granulated 1 Kg CTX-390


Chlorine multiaction granulated 5 Kg


Chlorine multiaction tablets 1 Kg


Chlorine multiaction tablets 5 Kg


Chlorine multiaction tablets 25 Kg


Chlorine multiaction tablets 5 Kg CTX-393


Fast chlorine in tablets Quimicamp 2 kg


Multiaction chlorine tablets Chlorilong power 5


Chlorine tablets Chlorilong Classic


CTX Care Pods 3 in 1 Multifunction


Slow chlorine tablets 5kg CTX-370


Multiaction in water soluble film CTX

Chlorine stabilizer ClorProtect CTX-400


Neutralizer chlorine and bromine Astralpool


Liquid chlorine for pools 5 L


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