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The descaler is a swimming pool product used for the dissolution and removal of lime scale and other organic residues that cause stains on the walls and accessories of the pool.  In pools with hard water or water coming from a well, it is more common to have calcareous incrustations, organic residues or mineral sediments, so we recommend the use of anti-lime or descaling products. 

For the prevention of lime incrustations in the pool, we recommend using the CTX-600 anti lime product for weekly pool maintenance.

When renewing the water of the swimming pool and when the pool is empty, we recommend to make a general cleaning of the walls and floor of the swimming pool and of the interior of the filter of the swimming pool with the descaler DECAL.

It is important to carry out a good maintenance of the swimming pool so that the residues and microorganisms do not adhere to the surface of the walls. We recommend controlling the pH and chlorine levels, cleaning the walls and bottom and applying preventive products to avoid the proliferation of incrustations or other residues. 

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Descaler liquid pools DECAL 5 L


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Descaler liquid pools DECAL 20 L


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Cleaning waterline Bordnet BAYROL 1L


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