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Pump DAB Eurocom SP

The pump DAB EURACOM SP pool pump is a multicellular horizontal axis centrifugal pump characterized by very quiet operation. It is a pool pump suitable for waters with small sandy impurities, indicated for the recirculation of water in domestic swimming pools, especially in water containing chlorine. The DAB Eurocom SP multicellular pump provides a robust and compact design with a pump body in technopolymer. This pump from the manufacturer DAB PUMPS provides us with a cover-holder and rotor shaft in AISI 316 stainless steel for greater resistance to heat and corrosion. We have two powers, DAB Eurocom SP 30/50 of 0.75 HP and DAB Eurocom SP 40/50 of 1 HP in single phase and three phase. Find in Momentos Piscina the perfect water pump for the sub-minister of water in domestic swimming pools at a single price with DAB EUROCOM SP pumps.

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