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PVC ball valves

The ball valve is the perfect PVC-U accessory to open and close the passage of a fluid. It is a stopcock mechanism used to control the flow of a channeled fluid.  

The operation of this accessory is very simple, the ball valves are opened by turning the shaft attached to the sphere or ball.  When this shaft is aligned with the inlet and outlet holes, the valve is open. When the valve is perpendicular, it will be closed.  

Discover our wide range of ball valves to be glued or screwed and choose between EPDM or FPM depending on the fluid. 

Contact our experts at Momentos Piscina to solve any question you may have. 

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Ball valve Standard PVC-U PE-EPDM to be glued


Standard PVC-U PE-EPDM Ball Valve for threading


Standard PVC Teflon-FPM ball valve for glueing


Standard PVC Teflon-FPM Ball Valve for threading