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Reduced diameter


PVC Reductions

In order to make pipe connections of different diameters it is necessary to acquire PVC reductions, in this way it will be possible to make the corresponding joints and adapt the installation.  

In our online store Momentos Piscina we have different: types of reductions, types of connections (glue, threaded, mixed) and diameters.  

The reductions are part of the Cepex PVC fittings that provide quality and guarantee for the conduction of pressurized liquids. 

Acquire the necessary PVC reducers to connect pipes of different sizes and make the installation circuit. Remember to acquire the adhesive or Teflon to guarantee a perfect union in the fittings. 

Active filters

PVC conical reducer for gluing


PVC reducer bushing for gluing


Male x female PVC threaded reducer


Male x male PVC threaded reducer


Male x female short PVC threaded reducer


Conical eccentric PVC reducer for gluing


Reducing bushing PVC Glue and Threading