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Pump PSH Mini

The PSH MINI pump is the best-seller of the PSH POOLS pool filtration equipment brand. The quality of its materials, its great power of self-aspiration and its optimization of resources make it a highly valued pool pump. The PSH MINI has been designed for the recirculation of water in small and medium-sized pools. The MINI PSH model has become the most suitable option for filtration equipment and also for pool cleaners. We have a wide range of powers in PSH pool pumps (from PSH MINI 33 of 0.33CV to PSH MINI 100 of 1CV) to choose according to voltage between single-phase PSH pumps and three-phase PSH pumps.

Find the best-selling PSH pool pump at a single price with all the guarantees of quality and authenticity in our online store (we are the official PSH POOLS distributor). In addition, if your PSH MINI pump breaks down, we offer you the possibility of extending its useful life with a wide range of original parts and spare parts for PSH MINI.

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Pump PSH Mini 33 single-Phase


Pump PSH Mini 50 single-Phase


Pump PSH Mini-80 single-Phase


Pump PSH Mini-80 three-Phase


Pump PSH Mini 100 single-Phase


Pump PSH Mini 100 three-Phase


Pump PSH Mini 150 single-Phase

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Pump PSH Mini 150 three-Phase