Irrigation programmers

The irrigation programmers are one of the most important elements of the irrigation system, their function is to regulate the automatic closing and opening of the irrigation electrovalves to regulate the irrigation. 

The watering timers allow you to program watering cycles with time, duration and frequency of the water supply. There are several types of programmers to choose from depending on the technology, the garden zones to be watered, and the power supply to the programmer.

To calculate the optimal watering schedule, it is important to consider several factors: model of the controller, stations, soil and plants to be watered, types of sprinklers or spray heads, time of year, etc. 

At Momentos Piscina we have a wide variety of watering timers that stand out for being flexible and simple to program, use and maintain. Like the manual ddc 6 bull irrigation programmer, a programming system for remote or isolated installations that has an exclusive and patented virtual dial that facilitates a simpler programming of the different functions. 

In our online store we have indoor and outdoor programmers as well as station extenders for you to choose the one that best suits your garden. Our team will be at your disposal for any question, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Developer Toro serie DDC-4 of 4 stations, mounting on the inside, very easy to use.It has 3 independent programs are very easy to identify with the digital dial, and 3 start times per program.
Combines a customizable controller sophisticated features with a great simplicity of use. Supports from 4 to 24 stations using modules of 4 or 8 stations. Monitors up to three independent sensors and is compatible...

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