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The irrigation sprinkler are one of the elements that are part of the irrigation system and their function is to expel the water in a rotating and repetitive way. When choosing a sprinkler, it is important to consider the range and area to be watered.  

Irrigation sprinkler are recommended for large areas where the water stream will not directly affect plants or shrubs.

The sprinkler operates in a rotating and repetitive manner and with the help of the adjustment key, the most suitable angle and throw is determined based on the area to be watered. 

Toro sprinklers meet all your lawn's needs with a wide range of products to suit areas where the sprinkler does not reach far enough, such as the mini 8 toro sprinkler, a turbine sprinkler designed to cover that difficult area between 20 feet and 5 feet, and also adds value and energy efficiency to your landscape.

In our online store Momentos Piscina have a wide catalog of sprinklers differentiated between turbine sprinkler and impact sprinkler and accessories such as the key to adjust sprinklers. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any questions. 

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