Sprinkler irrigation TORO Mini 8

  • Apersor TORO irrigation series Mini 8
  • Official distributor
  • Covers all the needs of a residential irrigation/commercial in an efficient manner.
  • Sprinkler turbine 1/2".
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€10.58 €17.10 -€6.52
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Features Sprinkler irrigation TORO Mini 8

  • It adapts to the areas where the diffuser does not reach but the area to be watered is small for a sprinkler of greater scope.
  • Your sprinkler 1/2" allows you to irrigate more effectively, with a savings of water and money.
  • Cost per square meter less than with diffusers, requiring fewer seasons of irrigation.
  • Indicator arc visible from the top of the sprinkler, adjustable from 45º to 360º.
  • 5 interchangeable nozzles (comes pre-installed with the nozzle #1,5)
  • Part and full circle in one model.
  • Screw radius adjustment stainless steel: allows you to decrease the range by 25%.
  • Mechanism of ratchet that facilitates the re-orientation of the arc adjusted.

Specifications Sprinkler irrigation TORO Mini 8


  • Strip flow rate: 3-11,3 L/min
  • Trajectory: 25°


  • Strip flow rate: 3-11,3 L/min
  • Recommended working pressure: 2,4-3,5 bars
  • Maximum working pressure: 4,1 bars
  • Outlet threaded 1⁄2" NPT/BSP
  • Emergency up to the nozzle: 95 mm (3 3⁄4")
  • Dimensions:

- Diameter of body: 44 mm (1 3⁄4")

- Cap diameter: 57 mm (2 1⁄4")

- Height: 150mm (6")

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