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Pumps Saci

The Saci brand offers water treatment solutions for dirty, clean, submersible, surface, etc. water. It has been offering high quality products for more than 40 years, innovating to be pioneers in the sector and giving personalized attention to its customers.  

Saci pool pumps are the best option if you are looking for a low noise emission pump, with a large pre-filter, double connection for gluing or screwing, among other advantages.  

They stand out for being compatible with salt water and some of the models incorporate high efficiency IE3 motors. 

We have two models of Saci pumps, Winner and Optima, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.  

  • Pump Saci Winner

    The Winner pool pump is a self-priming pump perfect for small, medium and large private pools.  

    It stands out for its high filtration capacity, its low noise level and its transparent pre-filter cover that incorporates a key for easy opening. Thanks to the AISI-316 mechanical seal, it is compatible with salt water. It incorporates double connection for threading or gluing of 63 mm. 

    We have a wide range of Winner pool pumps, from 0.33 HP to 3 HP and in single-phase and three-phase current.  

    Discover the complete Winner series in our Momentos Piscina store and choose the most suitable model for your installation. 

  • Pump Saci Optima

    The Optima self-priming swimming pool pump is characterized by the quality of its materials, reliability and high efficiency. It is the perfect pump for the recirculation of water in small, medium and large pools.  

    It stands out for the transparent pre-filter with two knobs to guarantee total closure, the large pre-filter basket and the mechanical seal in AISI-316 that guarantees that it can work with salt water. It incorporates double connection for threading or gluing of 50 mm. 

    We have a wide range of power in Optima pool pumps, from 0.25 hp for small pools to 1.5 hp for large pools. In single-phase and three-phase current. 

    Find the model that best suits your installation in our online store Momentos Piscina. 

  • Pump Saci Sigma

    Saci offers a wide range of products for domestic and industrial use and different solutions to suit any installation, for this reason we offer the Sigma series. It is a horizontal multi-cell centrifugal pump, ideal for forming small or medium flow pressure equipment and small sprinkler irrigation, among other applications.

    The Sigma pressure pump offers high hydraulic efficiency, minimum power consumption and is extremely quiet. It is available in single-phase and three-phase current (depending on the model), and flow rates from 0.1 m³/h to 21 m³/h at heads from 8 m.c.a to 90 m.c.a.

    This pressurization equipment can be equipped with a Presscontrol to command the automatic start and stop of the pump, among other functions. We have the Sacipress or Autropress device depending on the installation or need. 

    Contact our technicians if you need advice to choose the ideal pressure group for your installation.

  • Pump Saci Magnus

    The Saci Magnus pump is a high quality solution for public pool pumping- This centrifugal pump is designed specifically for use in swimming pool environments, and features a rugged, durable construction in heavy-duty polypropylene and an AISI 316 stainless steel shaft to ensure the strength and durability needed to withstand constant, prolonged use.

    The Magnus pump is a powerful and efficient option for handling large volumes of water, making it ideal for public pool environments that need reliable, high-performance equipment to keep water clean and crystal clear. 

    In addition, its ease of installation and maintenance makes it an ideal choice for those looking for an efficient, low-maintenance pool pumping solution. 

    We have several models from 2.5 hp to 10 hp in three-phase current 230/400v or 400/690V.

    Contact our technicians if you need advice to choose the ideal pump for your installation.

Active filters

Pump Saci Winner 33 M


Pump Saci Winner 33 T


Pump Saci Winner 50 M


Pump Saci Winner 50 T


Pump Saci Winner 75 M


Pump Saci Winner 75 T


Pump Saci Winner 100 M


Pump Saci Winner 100 T IE3


Pump Saci Winner 150 M


Pump Saci Winner 150 T IE3


Pump Saci Winner 200 M


Pump Saci Winner 200 T IE3


Pump Saci Winner 300 M


Pump Saci Winner 300 T IE3


Pump Saci Optima 25 M


Pump Saci Optima 25 T


Pump Saci Optima 33 M


Pump Saci Optima 33 T


Pump Saci Optima 50 M


Pump Saci Optima 50 T


Pump Saci Optima 75 M


Pump Saci Optima 75 T


Pump Saci Optima 100 M


Pump Saci Optima 100 T