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I have the ESPA pump


Flow rate m³/h (at 10 mca)

Pump ESPA Silen I

The ESPA Silen I pump is characterized by being a very compact single-cell centrifugal pump. It also stands out for its great suction power and its design focused on the recirculation of water in detachable or efficiently buried pools efficiently. ESPA Silen I, like all ESPA pool pumps, is completely silent and is a continuous service. Choose quality and efficiency guarantees from one of the most recognized manufacturers of water pumps, such as ESPA, for filtering and recirculating your pool.

ESPA's Silen I has a built-in thermal protector, drain plug, pre-filter with transparent cover and anti-lock closure. It is supplied with suction and discharge accessories for connection to filtration systems with 50 mm diameter tubes. Choose from our three Espa Silen pumps: Silen I 33 M of 0.33 CV, Silen I 50 M of 0.5 CV and Silen I 100 M of 1 CV.

Active filters

Pump ESPA Silen I 33 single-Phase


Pump ESPA Silen I 50 single Phase


Pump ESPA Silen I 100 single-Phase