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Discontinued ESPA Pumps: Iris, Silen and Silen 2

In 2016 the manufacturer ESPA updated its pool pump models with a new design. Before choosing the pump it is important to look at the ESPA pump model on the pump plate. In our Momentos Piscina online store you will find the whole range of the old pumps compared to the current models and we show you the similarities, differences and sometimes some adjustments that have to be applied. 

The old models are the ESPA Iris pump, Silen and Silen 2 that correspond to the Silen I, Silen S and Silen S2. The Iris pump and the Silen 2 have not undergone any changes so they are totally interchangeable. The Silen pump has undergone some modification so it requires some adjustment or a model change to the ESPA NOX pump.

Do not hesitate to contact our technical service for any question. 

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ESPA Iris pool pump

Espa Silen pool pump

Pump ESPA Silen 2