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Garden furniture

We are going to help you to create your chill out space where you can share with yourself, with your family or with your friends and where everybody wants to feel relaxed, cheerful, calm, happy... 

To create this corner it is not necessary to have a terrace or garden, it can be in the living room or bedroom of your house. You just need to have the right furniture and lighting and you are in the right place.  

We have the necessary complements to create this relaxed atmosphere: carpets, puffs and lighting.  

Furniture for both indoor and outdoor, of different sizes and shapes and waterproof. Discover the reasons why you will not want to miss the opportunity to purchase this furniture.  

Portable LED lighting perfect for outdoor use, perfect to enjoy the night and create special environments.  

Create your favorite corner with garden furniture and create moments of well-being.

  • Puffs

    One of the key components to create a relaxing and comfortable environment are the furniture, that's why we bet on Roolf Living's armchairs, sofas, loungers, rugs and poufs.  

    Furniture for both indoors and outdoors, they stand out for their strength, durability, softness and impermeability. Among many other reasons why you will not be able to avoid trying them.  

    We have different types of puffs, to sit, stretch, use it as a table ... To put it on the terrace, garden, living room or to lie inside the pool.  

    We also have carpets of different sizes and colors so you can combine it with the puffs.  

    Once you have created your space, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. 

  • Outdoor lighting

    Any time of the year is ideal to enjoy the outdoor space of your home, whether in the garden, by the pool or on a terrace. In the middle of summer enjoying the sun or in the middle of winter wrapped in a blanket and drinking a hot chocolate. In winter the days are short, but not for that reason we have to stop enjoying our outdoor space, we can illuminate it to make it warmer, visible and thus create this special atmosphere. 

    That is why we have selected a wide range of LED lamps: portable, hanging, table, rechargeable, decorative... for different locations, uses and tastes.  

    We have portable outdoor lamps such as Litta Round or Litta Square, which are characterized by being decorative, practical and rechargeable lamps.  

    If what you are looking for is a versatile lamp, the Erice model is your best choice, perfect to place on the table, on the floor or hanging. In addition to being rechargeable, it allows you to save energy. 

    Create this special atmosphere with Novolux outdoor led lamps.  

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Outdoor pouf Dotty Medium 75 x 75 x 70 cm gray

Outdoor pouf Dotty Small 75 x 75 x 35 cm gray

Outdoor pouf Dotty Medium 75 x 75 x 70 cm Pastel Blue

Outdoor pouf Dotty Small 75 x 75 x 35 cm Pastel Blue

Outdoor pouf Dotty Long Chair 70 x 200 x 65 cm Plum

Outdoor carpet 180 x 280 cm Zulu lime


Outdoor carpet Ziggy Anthracite / Beige


Outdoor carpet 180 x 280 cm Meridian Turquesa


Portable LED Lamp Litta Round


Portable LED Lamp Litta Square


Outdoor portable lamp Liss


Portable outdoor lamp LED Bubble


Aida table lamp


Portable lamp Bled


Solar led beacon Solei M


Outdoor portable lamp Erice


Glou floor / table lamp


Blomma portable outdoor lamp