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Spare parts dosing pumps

In this section of spare parts for metering pumps you will find spare parts for electromagnetic and peristaltic metering pumps Seko.  

Wide range of spare parts such as head, foot valve, injection valve... for electromagnetic pumps such as Seko Tekna, Kompact or Invikta models.  

If what you need is a spare part for your peristaltic pump such as the santoprene tube or the roller holder in our online store Momentos Piscina you can find it. 

And we do not forget the basic and indispensable how the flexible tube of transparent PVC and white PE impulsion tube with two diameter options compatible with any metering pump.  

If you want to have a more exhaustive control of your chlorine or pH dosing pump, you only have to buy an electrode and a level probe. You will be able to measure the level of the liquid to be dosed and you will also ensure that the pump does not work without product.  

  • Spare parts SEKO Tekna

    One of Seko's most accurate and reliable dosing pumps is the Tekna model.It is composed of top quality materials that ensure high performance for different applications and ensure the chemical compatibility of the wetted parts.  

    If any of the elements that make up the Tekna dosing pump are not in perfect condition, we have the spare parts so that you can get back to getting the most out of it.  

    We have a wide variety of spare parts such as the flexible tubes to conduct the fluid, the foot valve in charge of suctioning the chemical product or the wall bracket to fix the pump and operate comfortably.  

    Remember that all parts are important for optimum performance and dosing of the pump.  

  • Spare parts SEKO Kompact

    Seko Kompact dosing pumps stand out for their reliability and ease of use. They provide a general solution to common daily needs, with availability of constant and proportional flow rates adjustable on the front panel.  

    If any of the Kompact metering pump elements are worn or in poor condition, we have the spare parts to get you back to full performance. 

    We have a wide variety of spare parts such as the head or the suction and impulsion valves necessary to suck the product and impel it to the pipe.  

    Remember that for an optimal operation of the Seko pump it is important that all parts are in perfect condition.  

  • Spare parts SEKO Invikta

    The Seko Invikta model provides reliability, quality manufacturing and flexibility in different applications such as swimming pools, car wash, reverse osmosis systems, among many other applications.  

    In our online store Momentos Piscina we provide you with the spare parts of the Seko Invikta dosing pump so you can get the maximum performance.  

    You will find spare parts such as the wall bracket to fix the pump and operate more comfortably, the complete head to choose depending on the type of gaskets, the membrane ... among other Seko spare parts.  

    Our technical service is at your disposal to solve any question you may have.  

  • Spare parts SEKO Tekba

    Discover our wide selection of spare parts for the Seko Tekba dosing pump, renowned for its precision and reliability in a variety of industrial applications.

    In our online store, we offer a complete range of spare parts designed specifically for the Seko Tekba model. From complete pump heads to valves, seals and hoses, we have everything you need to keep your Tekba pump running at peak performance.

    Trust us to provide you with the quality spare parts that ensure optimum performance and accurate dosing in your industrial processes.

  • Spare parts SEKO Komba

    Explore our range of genuine SEKO spare parts designed specifically for your Komba metering pump. 

    From complete pump heads to valve sets, foot filters, injection valves, our store offers a one-stop solution to keep your equipment in top condition.

    Our spare parts ensure reliable and accurate performance in a variety of applications. 

    Whether you need to repair a defective part or improve the efficiency of your dosing system, the Momentos Piscina team is here to help you choose the right replacement part for your Komba dosing pump.

  • Spare parts SEKO Maxima

    Having a pump in excellent condition is essential to ensure optimum performance. For this reason, in our online store we offer spare parts so you can replace the parts in poor condition of your Seko Maxima dosing pump.

    In Momentos Piscina you will find from complete heads to purge valves, injection valves, among other spare parts, to ensure proper operation of your dosing pump. 

    Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any doubts about the right spare part for your Seko Maxima pump. 

  • Spare parts peristaltic pumps

    Peristaltic pumps are characterized by robust and economical dosing solutions, easy to install and connect thanks to the wall mounting bracket. 

    We offer a wide range of spare parts for peristaltic pumps so that you can replace the parts in bad condition and get back to maximum performance.   

    We have different spare parts such as the roller holder whose function is to make the contraction and relaxation of the tube or the Santoprene tube that is responsible for conducting the fluid. 

    Remember that for a correct operation of the Seko pump it is important that all the parts are in optimal conditions. 

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