Hydraulic pool cleaner

Another option for cleaning the pool are the hydraulic cleaners, unlike the electric cleaners that are autonomous and independent, they must be connected to the pool filtration system. They use the power of the pump to operate and are connected to the cleaner's socket or skimmer. Discover in our online store the range of hydraulic cleaners that best suits your needs. 

Active filters
Cleaner hydraulic that uses as main source of energy and are connected to an electrical cleaner drive. Designed for free-form pools up to 14 x 7 m. Powerful suction through two jets with Venturi effect"."
The cleaner pressure Polaris 3900 Sport is suitable for swimming pools up to 14 x 7 m. Requires a pump pressure of at least 1 CV op 1.5 Hp or higher if the distance to the local technician is superior to 15 m. With...
Cleaner hydraulic aspiration for pools up to 12 x 6 m Navigation X-Drive: clean all areas of the pool Two helices of suction and a powerful turbine suction Hose connection Twist Lock: without loss of suction Simple...
Operation hydraulic pressure without additional pump Ideal for pools up to 11 x 7 m (2.2 m depth) Easy installation, does not require additional connections High reliability: tested for years in the market
Robot cleaner automatic with hydraulic operationFor swimming pools buried up to 12 x 6 m.Cleaning the pool becomes a task quick and easy.Easy to install, connects directly to the outlet of the suction or...
Pre-filter to capture the leaves with a hydraulic cleaner  It reduces the dirt that enters the pump pre-filter, thus increasing its performance and extending the life of the pump.  The residues it captures remain in...

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