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Hydraulic pool cleaner

Opt for efficiency and simplicity with our hydraulic pool cleaners at Momentos Piscina. Unlike the electric ones, these autonomous devices are connected to the pool's filtration system, taking advantage of the pump's power for its operation. Ideal for small to medium-sized pools, these hydraulic pool cleaners easily connect to the pool cleaner intake or skimmer, providing a complete and hassle-free clean.

Explore our catalog with trusted brands such as Zodiac, AstralPool, Polaris, and contact us for personalized advice before your purchase, opt for quality and performance in the maintenance of your pool!

Active filters

Pool Cleaner Polaris 280


Pool Cleaner Polaris 3900 Sport


Pool cleaner Zodiac MX8


Pool cleaner Polaris 165

Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T5 Duo


Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T3


Pool Cleaner Astralpool Mamba


Pool Cleaner Astralpool Splasher


Cyclonic Leaf Catcher leaf prefilter


Diaphragm Zodiac T3 and T5 DUO


Adapter Zodiac T3, T5 DUO, MX8, MX9