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Hydraulic pool cleaner

Another option for cleaning the pool are the hydraulic cleaners, unlike the electric cleaners that are autonomous and independent, they must be connected to the pool filtration system. They use the power of the pump to operate and are connected to the cleaner's socket or skimmer. Discover in our online store the range of hydraulic cleaners that best suits your needs. 

Active filters

Pool Cleaner Polaris 280


Pool Cleaner Polaris 3900 Sport


Pool cleaner Zodiac MX8


Pool cleaner Polaris 165

Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T5 Duo


Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T3


Pool Cleaner Astralpool Mamba


Pool Cleaner Astralpool Splasher


Cyclonic Leaf Catcher leaf prefilter


Diaphragm Zodiac T3 and T5 DUO


Adapter Zodiac T3, T5 DUO, MX8, MX9