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Cyclonic Leaf Catcher leaf prefilter
  • Cyclonic Leaf Catcher leaf prefilter
  • Cyclonic Leaf Catcher leaf prefilter

Cyclonic Leaf Catcher leaf prefilter

  • Pre-filter for catching leaves with a hydraulic cleaner
  • Reduces debris entering the pump prefilter
  • Compatible with Zodiac T3, T5 DUO, MX8 and MX9 cleaners
  • Does not increase pump pressure

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Cyclonic Leaf Catcher

Cyclonic Leaf Catcher is the ideal accessory for catching debris, thus preventing the filter from clogging and ensuring constant suction. 

This accessory is compatible with Zodiac hydraulic suction cleaners such as the Zodiac T3, T5 DUO, MX8 and MX9. 

It is characterized by the ease of use, the powerful suction whirlpool and the adaptability to any type of hose. 

Cyclonic Leaf Catcher Zodiac features

  • Innovative cyclonic suction system: debris remains in suspension, preventing the filter from clogging and ensuring more constant suction.
  • No pressure increase in the pump
  • Large, transparent and easy to empty filtering chamber
  • Easy to install on all types of hoses thanks to the supplied adapter (standard hoses and Twist Lock hoses)
  • Easy installation to the cleaner inlet or to the skimmer
  • Retains all types of dirt 

Installation instructions 

  1. Turn off the pump
  2. Install the first hose connection as close as possible to the skimmer or cleaner intake. Make sure the leaf prefilter is correctly oriented (pump=pump side and cleaner=cleaner side).
  3. Connect the Twist-Lock hose
  4. For proper operation, the leaf prefilter must be positioned vertically on the water surface.
  5. Stop the filtration pump before starting the emptying process.
  6. Empty the dirt, wash the basket and remove debris or sand if necessary.
  7. Align the locking notches on both sides of the filter basket, fit the lid and twist tightly to close the leaf filter again. 

Cyclonic Leaf Cactcher reduces the dirt that enters the pump pre-filter, thus increasing its performance and extending its life. 

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