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Accessories cleaning swimming pools

Find the best prices on cleaning accessories for swimming pool such as recogehojas, brushes or handles and take care yourself of the basic maintenance tasks. Get in the shop swimming pools online Times Pool the best accessories cleaning pool with great strength and effectiveness. If you need advice when choosing the accessories to clean the pool, consultation with our team of professionals and receive personalized advice. Enjoy los best cleaning accessories swimming pool and fast delivery of your order!

  • Pool Leaf Collector

    The leaf collector is an essential pool accessory for pool maintenance. Passing the leaf collector is one of the easiest and fastest tasks to do and the result is a pool clean of leaves and particles. Leaf collectors are a basic and indispensable accessory for an optimal and efficient cleaning of the pool. There are several types of leaf collectors that differ according to the reach and the type of fixation.

    Depending on the scope of the leaf trap, there are flat or surface leaf collectors and bag or bottom leaf collectors. The surface leaf collectors are indispensable, it is important to remove the leaves or other particles that remain floating on the surface to avoid them from being deposited on the bottom and becoming more difficult to access. Leaves and organic debris can also leave stains in the pool if not removed. Bottom sheet collectors are recommended to catch large amounts of particles that are left in suspension and to reach the remains that fall to the bottom. 

    Depending on the type of fixation, we differentiate between fixing by means of wing nuts and fixing by means of clips. The choice will depend on the type of attachment of the pool pole, whether it is a clip or a bracket. Clip fixing is easy to put only with a click, while the attachment to the handles requires threading the handles. 

    In our online store we have a wide range of pool leaf collectors so you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Remember that our team is at your disposal for any consultation. 

  • Pool handles

    The swimming pool handle is one of the elements of the swimming pool accessories that are indispensable to carry out the maintenance of the swimming pool. The swimming pool handle or pole is an accessory that fits with the manual pool cleaner, the leaf catcher and the brush to make an optimal cleaning of the pool. Therefore the pool pole is the basic and necessary accessory if you want to do a manual pool cleaning. 

    In our online store we have several models that differ according to whether they are fixed or telescopic, depending on the measures and the type of fixation.

    We will choose fixed if we can reach all the areas of the pool or telescopic if we need more pole length to reach all the corners.  To choose the necessary handle size it is important to take into account the dimensions of the pool, taking into account the width and depth of the pool. The important thing is to be able to reach all the dirt and remove it with the suitable manual cleaning accessories. 

    You will choose the type of fixing, clip or wing nut, depending on whether you have cleaning material with clip or win nut fixing. If you do not have pool accessories you can still choose the type of fixing. Clip fixing is quick and easy, with just one click. The attachment with a wing nut requires threading the wing nut but the accessories are more secure. 

    Discover in our Momentos Piscina store the ideal pool handle or pole for optimal pool maintenance. 

  • Swimmin pool brushes

    The brush is one of the most important elements in the cleaning of the pool, since its use avoids the proliferation of algae. The brushes are more used for cleaning the walls, since manual cleaners are used for the bottom. It is recommended to brush the walls well before and after the addition of the chemical. In this way the product will be more effective and algae will be avoided. On the other hand, it is important to rub the walls if there is a little greenish coloration, this way it will avoid that the algae proliferate

    In our online store we have different models of brushes designed with the best materials for cleaning pools: gresite, liner, polyester, concrete, etc. Using the brush on a weekly basis guarantees effective cleaning of algae, incrustations and all types of dirt that adhere to the walls. 

    The brushes we have are distinguished according to the length, shape and type of attachment. We have brushes with various sizes such as 350 mm or 450 mm. We also have curved brushes for greater reach and cleaning. The type of fastening is differentiated according to the fixing by means of a clip or wing nut. The choice will depend on whether the pool pole is fixed with a clip or with wing nut. 

    In our store Momentos Piscina we have a wide catalogue of swimming pool brushes so you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Our team is at your disposal for any question. 

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