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Accessories for the garden

A barbecue is always a good option to enjoy a good meal in the company of family and friends. And the best gas barbecues can be found in our online garden store.

Why buy a gas barbecue? Because they are safe, easy to light, easy to clean, incorporate elements such as a table or a drawer to work more comfortably. Still not clear? Check out the gas barbecue models in our store, with modern designs created especially to leave you more time to enjoy yours and give your food the best taste. 

The gas barbecues we offer are characterized by being: practical, quality and design. We also offer all kinds of accessories to add to your barbecue such as containers, roasting trays, tongs, spatulas...  And covers to cover your barbecue and protect it from the weather. 

A garden with a barbecue is a garden with life, a space to meet, to relate, to enjoy the food. Get your gas barbecue in our online store if you want to be the host! 

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Barbecue Outback Connoisseur


Barbecue Heat 3


Barbecue Ambri 480 G Ruby


Bbq Montreux 570 G


Container for grilling


Tray for cooking Porcelain


Fork for Bbq BEEF MATES


Spatula for Bbq BEEF MATES


Tongs for Barbecue BEEF MATES


Spatula, long Bbq BEEF MATES


Spatula Wide Bbq BEEF MATES


Box ahumadora Bbq


Bag 1 kg oak wood with beer


Holster bbq Outdoor Chef MONTREUX


Cover bbq Napoleon Triumph T410


Cover barbecue HEAT 3


Garden trolley

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