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Orchard and garden machinery

Having the right machinery is important for a correct maintenance of the orchard or garden, that's why in Momentos Piscina we offer quality machinery at an unbeatable price. In our online store we distribute honda machinery because it is recognized by its quality and performance in the gardening products.

Honda gardening machinery ensures reliability, robustness and safety, positioning the Honda brand as a leader in the market. Honda engines guarantee efficiency, reliability and long life thanks to the incorporation of the latest technology. 

We offer all types of agricultural and gardening machinery for the care of the garden: chainsaws, motor hoes, brush cutters, blowers, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers. Having the right machinery for each task guarantees you a green, fresh and well cared for garden. If you can't dedicate much time to agricultural or gardening tasks, don't worry, the deep machinery will take your work away quickly, easily and comfortably.

For any question, you can contact the Momentos Piscina team, they are at your disposal for anything you need. 

  • Chainsaws

    The chainsaw is a tool that allows you to cut logs, cut down trees or prune shrubs. The echo chainsaw guarantees power and work performance thanks to its capacity and comfort for the accomplishment of tasks applied to different fields such as the wood industry, the agricultural sector or in gardening. 

    There are several types of chainsaws to choose from according to a number of factors such as frequency of use, weight, type of wood, type of maintenance, among other factors. Among the types of chainsaws we distinguish the electric, battery and gasoline ones.

    ECHO's electric chainsaws, such as the ECHO CS 2100/40, have excellent power for cutting and felling tasks if you have electric power. 

    ECHO petrol chainsaws such as the petrol chainsaw ECHO CS 500E S/38, have excellent cutting power for woods of all thicknesses. They are the most suitable for hard work that requires power and resistance but requires more maintenance.

    ECHO's battery powered chainsaws are suitable for cutting in high places, as they are handy and do not need to be connected to the power supply. 

    Choose the model that best suits your needs, ECHO machinery guarantees quality and performance in their products. 

  • Brushcutters

    The brushcutter is a tool used to cut weeds at ground level and reach those corners where the mower cannot reach. One of the reasons why buying an ECHO brushcutter is a good purchase is that it is lightweight, compact and has ergonomic designs that make tough jobs easy. 

    There are several types of brushcutters to choose from but you have to take into account a number of factors such as: the type of vegetation to be cleared, the area to be deforested, the amount of vegetation, the use that will be given to it, among others.

    In our online store we have different models of gasoline brushcutters such as the ECHO SRM 222 brushcutter, which stands out for being a light, compact and handy tool thanks to the double handlebar.  

    If what you are looking for is a tool to carry out diverse gardening work, we have the multipurpose system ECHO PAS-265 ES, which allows you to attach up to 8 different accessories such as: trimmers, hedge trimmers, pruners, blowers, among others. It is the hand tool designed to satisfy all the tasks in the garden so it is ECHO's most versatile machine. 

    ECHO's brushcutters guarantee quality and performance thanks to its design and equipment, designed for maximum safety for the user.

    In our garden store you will find the brushcutter that adapts to your needs to other accessories such as discs or heads. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any questions.  

  • Blowers

    The blower is the perfect tool for sweeping up mown grass or fallen leaves, all with minimal effort. There are two types of blowers: gasoline and electric. And within the gasoline ones, we distinguish the hand and backpack blowers. In our online store we have gasoline blowers to carry in hand and as a backpack. 

    The gasoline blowers offer many advantages such as supporting high work loads, ensuring high power and performance, lightening the work and not requiring much effort, among others. 

    ECHO blowers are characterized by being light, powerful and safe models that guarantee the accomplishment of the tasks in a comfortable way and without effort.

    One of the options are the blowers to carry in hand as the ECHO blower PB 255 ES is characterized by its powerful engine, ease of use and maximum comfort and versatility.

    Another option is the backpack blower, perfect to work in an easy and comfortable way as the ECHO PB 770 blower, which offers maximum blowing efficiency and equipment to guarantee a plus of comfort.  

    Consult in our gardening store the whole range of blowers and get the one that better adapts to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to resolve any questions. 

  • Hedge trimmer

    The hedge trimmer is a tool whose function is to cut or prune the hedges and bushes, having them healthy, free of branches and with a nice shape so that the garden looks all year round. Hedge trimmers can be differentiated into gasoline hedge trimmers and electric hedge trimmers.

    Electric hedge trimmers offer advantages over petrol hedge trimmers: good power and cutting speed when connected to the mains, easier work on shaping hedges and bushes thanks to the high amperage, and no emissions into the environment. On the other hand, with the electric hedge trimmers the mobility can be reduced by the electric connection and the power will depend on the amperage. 

    In our garden store we have ECHO hedge trimmers, designed to be durable, light and well-balanced. ECHO products are also characterized by their power and comfort and can be used by both professionals and individuals. Like the ECHO HC 560 electric cable hedge trimmer, it is easy to handle and quiet, offering maximum versatility and safety

    We also have accessories such as the ECHO PAS accessory, HCAA-2401A height hedge trimmer, which allows you to adjust to 7 different cutting positions and trim wide and high hedges. In addition to a bio-shredder to recycle and shred the remains of the pruning as well as a lawn regenerator to remove dead plant matter that accumulates at the base of the lawn.

    Find in Momentos Piscina the ideal hedge trimmer to have a garden in perfect conditions and look beautiful all year round. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any questions. 

  • Lawn mowers

    The lawn mower is one of the most used tools in the gardens, since it is in charge of leaving the lawn in perfect condition, obtaining a green surface and with the same height. We all want our garden to look all year round, the key is to choose a good mower and to put illusion to keep the garden in perfect condition!

    When choosing the most suitable lawn mower for your garden, it is important to take into account several factors such as: the size of the area to be cut, surface and height of the lawn, collection or not of the remains of mowing, having plugs nearby, unevenness in the lawn area ...

    Taking into account all these factors, you can now choose the ideal lawn mower for your garden among the different types: manual, electric, petrol, self-propelled petrol or robot mower. In our online store we have both Honda petrol lawn mowers and Honda electric lawn mowers.

    Gasoline lawn mowers such as the Honda IZI 46P lawn mower, are characterized by being easy to handle, comfortable and robust. In addition, the IZY range has all the technological advantages such as the exclusive 8-slot vortex-shaped perforated blade, which provides perfect cutting and collection of the grass in any condition even if it is overgrown or has rained.

    Electric lawn mowers like the Honda HRE 370 electric lawn mower, are characterized by being economical, easy and lightweight for small gardens. It offers excellent quality of cutting and collection with high bagging capacity. In addition, it has technological advantages such as the blade made of a smart material that bends when folded. 

    Discover in our store Momentos Piscina the ideal lawn mower to enjoy a clean, healthy garden and well cut. Contact our team for any questions. 

  • Motor hoe

    The Motor hoe is an agricultural tool used to prepare the land, open furrows and turn the soil before planting. The motor hoes are the right tools to work in medium and small areas. 

    In order to choose the ideal motor hoe for your garden or orchard, it is important to choose the most appropriate one according to the use you want to give it. Depending on the type of land, you can differentiate between motor hoes for small areas or professional motor hoes for larger areas. On the other hand, motor hoes can be divided according to the type of engine: electric, battery, petrol or diesel. Another important aspect is the number of cutters according to the working width, the more cutters there are the more capacity to remove the soil.

    We have gasoline motor hoes, where Honda motor hoes stand out, guaranteeing reliability, robustness and versatility in their products. 

    In our gardening store we have models such as the Honda FG 320 motor-hoe, a perfect gasoline motor-hoe for small and medium gardens. It is equipped with a powerful engine, incorporates crankcase protection at the bottom for greater safety and has adjustable handlebars for greater comfort. A powerful, reliable and environmentally friendly model. 

    Discover the models of Honda gasoline motor hoes and choose the most appropriate for your terrain. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any questions. 

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