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Cortacesped eléctrico HONDA HRE 330
  • Cortacesped eléctrico HONDA HRE 330
  • Cortacesped eléctrico HONDA HRE 330
  • Cortacesped eléctrico HONDA HRE 330
  • Cortacesped eléctrico HONDA HRE 330

Cortacesped electric HONDA HRE 330


With motor of 1,1 Kw is the ideal for family use. It is easy to use and very lightweight.

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Security and peace of mind

With safety stop, cutting height adjustable in 3 positions and folding handle.

Ideal for a small garden (150 m2).

Collection unbeatable

Excellent quality of cut and collection, with a capacity of bagging lawn excellent (95%), thanks to a new blade and fan improves airflow, combined with an optimized design of the cutting deck. The new shape of the blade reduces the noise level and makes it more robust and secure. The ability of the cloth bag is awesome (27 and 35 liters, respectively) and the filling capacity excellent (95%).

The key for the correct collection of the grass is a flow of air powerful and controlled. The Honda's Optiflow is a system that combines a powerful suction controlled with a gentle turbulence so that the energy losses are reduced to a minimum, as the level of noise and the accumulation of grass in the housing. A fan fixed on the blade of the mower draws air from the top of the engine prevented its warming. This current of air propels the cut grass into the bag, resulting in a level of collection never surpassed in a lawn mower electric.

The ergonomics has also been improved significantly. It has added a carry handle for ease of transport, as well as a new switch most comfortable that it can be operated with both hands. In addition, the cables are collected with a new bracket and away from the blade. In the model, HRE 370, the cutting height can be adjusted quickly and easily with a single lever adjustment. Both machines are very light (its weight is 11 and 15 kg, respectively) and therefore, very easy to use.

ABS shell

ABS enclosure resistant to shocks, to UV rays and abrasion. The model HRE 330 has a 33cm width of cut and the HRE 370, 37 cm in The model HRE 330 has a power of 1100 W and the HRE 370, more powerful, reaches 1300 W; in both machines, the blade rotates at 2850 rpm.

Blade smart

Made with a material that flexes when struck. This prevents breakage of the casing or bend the motor shaft. In case of a shock, you only have to replace the blade.

Protection against over-heating

Also incorporate a new safety switch, which prevents the motor from burning due to overloading if it stops spinning the blade, or is exposed to abnormal conditions.


Clever design that releases the tension of the electric cable, prevents that can be cut while you are working and that the user could trip over it.

Enjoy the security of having a great brand

Honda provides you with manufacturer's warranty of 2 years in Spain for all their machines (non-professional use) and extends for 3 years the warranty of their stationary engines of the range GX, both for domestic use as a professional.

The terms of the warranty may differ depending on the country or maintenance contracts, as is the availability of models, colors, technical specifications and accessories.

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