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Water treatment for domestic use

The purification or treatment of water is important to all countries both on a sanitary and economic level as well as on an environmental one. Introducing filtration systems in the home will help to consume healthier water and save on water purchases.

Water is a fundamental element for our organism, that is why it is important to have quality water both in the main productive sectors and in the chemical, food and energy industries... and of course in our homes. 

One of the systems that guarantee drinking water is the water treatment system through reverse osmosis equipment. A water treatment equipment that eliminates the impurities of the water and through which light water is obtained, of low mineralization, without flavors nor residues. 

Find in our online store the reverse osmosis model that suits your needs. Our technical service will be at your disposal for any consultation. 

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Puremax Reverse Osmosis Cartridges


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