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Pumps Aquagem

Aquagem is the first leading pool pump company with full inverter, which brings the most silent and energy saving pumping equipment. 

The Inver Silence technology combines full inverter technology, hydraulic volute system and brushless DC motor, which not only allows the pump to run intelligently at 30 ~ 100% of its capacity to fulfill its various functions but also reduces the sound level by more than 30 times and saves energy by up to 90%.

In addition to its design, it features an intelligent touch controller through which to control, modify and change the various options offered by the pump.

There are three models of Tomahawk pumps to choose from, depending on the volume of the pool and the diameter of the filter for optimum performance of the equipment.

Active filters

Tomahawk Inverter Pump 20 m³/h


Tomahawk Inverter Pump 25 m³/h


Tomahawk Inverter Pump 30 m³/h