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Pools Bromine

Do you want to stop feeling the smell of chlorine, itchy eyes or some skin irritation? We have the solution for you, disinfect the water with bromine, an ideal alternative to chlorine because it disinfects the pool water and also offers many advantages. Bromine is one of the most widely used products to treat water in spas, jacuzzis and indoor pools but it can also be used as a disinfectant in any type of pool as it has the same functions as chlorine. 

One of the most important advantages over chlorine is that bromine does not produce unpleasant odors or irritation to the skin or eyes. It is widely used in spas and jacuzzis because it is stable at high temperatures. In addition, bromine is highly effective at high pH levels.

In private pools a residual bromine value of 1-3 ppm is recommended, in private spas 2-4 ppm, in public pools 3-5 ppm and in public spas 4-6 ppm. It is important to measure the pH and bromine level with an analyzer kit and adjust it to the optimum level.

Whether you choose disinfection with or without chlorine, it is important to monitor the pH and bromine or chlorine levels and perform weekly pool maintenance. This way you will get a pool in perfect condition to look like all season long. 

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