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Salt chlorinators

The saline chlorinator or salt electrolysis is a water disinfection system in which through sodium chloride (salt) is obtained sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) which has a great disinfecting power. There are several disinfection systems on the market, such as chlorine or bromine, but saline chlorination is a healthy, safe and ecological disinfectant. Choosing water treatment by saline chlorination offers multiple advantages and benefits for health, the environment and our pocketbook! 

In our online store we have two models of chlorinators, chlorinators with pH regulator and chlorinators without pH regulator. In swimming pools with saline chlorinators it is more common that the pH tends to rise so it is important to regulate it. That is why we recommend choosing chlorinators that incorporate pH regulators that automatically dose and adjust to the optimum level. 

Discover in our store Momentos Piscina the saline chlorinator that fits your pool. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any consultation.

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