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The gamma of products Piscimar is perfect for treating the water of swimming pools, hot tubs or spas for both private and public. This prestigious brand of chemical products for swimming pools has a wide range of treatments stand to eliminate all kinds of algae, oils, insects, metals and many more items. Using the products pools Piscimar you'll be able to meet all the needs of your pool for proper maintenance and chemical balance of the water.

Active filters

Goldenflok - Coagulant and brightener


Ultra Clear - Super brightener


Algiblack - Black algae remover


Algiklean - Algaecide and rinse aid


Algibon - Algaecide


Phos-Out PM-625 - Maintenance Antiphosphates


Phos-Out 3XL PM - 675 - Phosphate remover


Ion Magnetic - Metal sequestrant


Copper Out - Copper eliminator


Spot Remover - Stain Remover


Actibon Shock- Recovery of water


Aqua-Stop - sealing leaks


Fast Down - Eliminator of Insects


Ion Cell - Antifouling special electrolysis


Celnet - Cell cleaner


Anticalcáreo No Phos


Ritocal - Calcium hypochlorite


Iverliner - Swimming pool winterizer


Cleanpool PM-663 Pool Flocculant


Metal Stain Removal Kit


Save Cell - Salt chlorinator protector


Kit Mini Pools - Small pool treatment


Demountable swimming pool treatment Xip - Xap


Roboclean - Better filtration of robots