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Pool Treatments

Find a treatment pools cash to keep the water clean is the easiest thing in our store pools. We have products for the removal of suspended solids, disinfection and destruction of organic matter in the water. All of our treatments have been selected by our experts so that you can make the maintenance of your pool as you would a professional. Save money on the purchase of your products with super prices from our store.

  • Products swimming pools

    Whatever the product pools that you need in our store you will find a wide range of chemical products for swimming pools that will allow you to keep the water of your pool always in perfect condition to the bathroom. Find out in our sale of products for disinfection or pH regulation as anti-algae, flocculant, increasers and reducers, and many more. Enjoy a crystal clear water and healthy without paying more with Times Pool.

  • Analysis and measurement

    Find in Momentos Piscina all the products to be able to analyze the water of your swimming pool and to treat it with our products swimming pool. The analysis and measurement of the water is the first step to have a clean and crystalline water. In our online store you will find a wide range of products such as: analytical strips, reagents such as oto and phenol, pooltester tablets, among others. 

  • Metering pumps

    The metering pumps are the elements that allow us to maintain automatically a proper parameters of chlorine and/or pH in our pool. The main function of these pumps is the dosage of liquids, such as chlorine or the pH to maintain the ideal level of these parameters in the water. Have a control and adjustment of these levels is essential to prevent problems such as irritation of the eyes or the appearance of algae in the pool. Discover all the metering pumps for pH and chlorine pools and find the most suitable for you.

  • Disinfection

    The cleaning and disinfection of our working and personal environment is important to reduce the spread of disease. The importance of removing dirt from any surface and object covers all sectors: health, food, education, catering, trade, industry...

    In our online store we have the necessary material for cleaning and hygiene both personal and professional. 

    Discover in Momentos Piscina the range of disinfection products: hydroalcoholic solutions, sprayers, atomizers, among others. 

  • Water treatment for domestic use

    The purification or treatment of water is important to all countries both on a sanitary and economic level as well as on an environmental one. Introducing filtration systems in the home will help to consume healthier water and save on water purchases.

    Water is a fundamental element for our organism, that is why it is important to have quality water both in the main productive sectors and in the chemical, food and energy industries... and of course in our homes. 

    One of the systems that guarantee drinking water is the water treatment system through reverse osmosis equipment. A water treatment equipment that eliminates the impurities of the water and through which light water is obtained, of low mineralization, without flavors nor residues. 

    Find in our online store the reverse osmosis model that suits your needs. Our technical service will be at your disposal for any consultation. 

  • Salt chlorinators

    The saline chlorinator or salt electrolysis is a water disinfection system in which through sodium chloride (salt) is obtained sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) which has a great disinfecting power. There are several disinfection systems on the market, such as chlorine or bromine, but saline chlorination is a healthy, safe and ecological disinfectant. Choosing water treatment by saline chlorination offers multiple advantages and benefits for health, the environment and our pocketbook! 

    In our online store we have two models of chlorinators, chlorinators with pH regulator and chlorinators without pH regulator. In swimming pools with saline chlorinators it is more common that the pH tends to rise so it is important to regulate it. That is why we recommend choosing chlorinators that incorporate pH regulators that automatically dose and adjust to the optimum level. 

    Discover in our store Momentos Piscina the saline chlorinator that fits your pool. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any consultation.

Active filters

Anti-algae liquid concentrate 5 L


Increaser PH PLUS GR


Flocculant liquid for pools 5L


Salt chlorinators CTX Go Salt


Free, total chlorine and pH analysis kit FTK 101


Iverliner - Swimming pool winterizer


Descaler liquid pools DECAL 5 L


Anti-algae liquid concentrate 25 L


Increaser PH PLUS LQ liquid


Flocculant liquid for pools 20L


Chlorine fast dichloro granules 2 Kg


Bromine in tablets Quimicamp 1 Kg


Chlorine, Bromine and pH analyzer kit


Depredator CTX-575 algae destroyer 1L


Descaler liquid pools DECAL 20 L


Reducer PH MINUS GR 8Kg


Flocculant in tablets


Chlorine fast DICHLORO granulated 5 Kg


Bromine in tablets Q-Brom 5 Kg


Reagent refills OTO / Phenol 15 cc. CTX


Cleaning waterline Bordnet BAYROL 1L


Depredator CTX-575 Algae destroyer 3L


Invernador liquid HIVERN 5 L


Reducer PH MINUS LQ liquid