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Flocculant liquid for pools 20L
  • Flocculant liquid for pools 20L

Flocculant liquid for pools 20L

  • Liquid flocculant FLOC LQ
  • Great flocculant power, bringing clarity to the pool water.
  • Ideal for turbid water in recovery treatments or maintenance of pool water.
  • Container of 20L

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Buy pool flocculant 

For a correct maintenance of the water of the swimming pool it is essential to control the levels of pH and chlorine and to complete with preventive products like algaecides and flocculants. 

The water of the swimming pool usually loses its transparency condition when turbidity appears, caused by:

  • Presence of algae, bacteria, organic matter.
  • Precipitations of calcium and magnesium salts.
  • Dust introduced through the air and by bathers.
  • Oxidation of iron and manganese salts.
  • Rain mud, etc...

In most cases the particles introduced into the water are so small (colloidal) that they lack sufficient size to be retained by the filtration equipment.

The flocculant FLOC LQ produces an increase in the size of the particles in suspension and their discharge (decantation) to the bottom of the pool, being then easy its later elimination with the pool cleaner. 

Advantages of FLOC LQ

  • High coagulation speed
  • Good settling speed
  • Operates even at low temperatures
  • Possibility of use in a wide pH range
  • Elimination of pH adjustment products consumption
  • Less tendency to cause overdosing phenomena
  • Removes metal ions such as iron and manganese
  • Formation of easily filterable flocs
  • Lower soluble aluminum content in treated water
  • Removal of organic matter
  • Effectiveness in high turbidity water
  • Improves the bacteriological quality of the water and consequently reduces the consumption of disinfection products. 

Liquid flocculant dosage

Recovery treatment in turbid water

  1. Stop filtration equipment
  2. Add 0.5L of FLOC LQ per 100 m³ of water in slightly turbid water or 1.5L in very turbid water.
  3. Add the product in the evening and let it stand overnight.
  4. Pour FLOC LQ into a water container and spread the solution in the pool.
  5. The next day collect and remove the floc layer from the bottom of the pool with a pool cleaner or similar.
  6. Leave the filtration equipment running for 6-8 hours. 

Maintenance treatment

  1. It can be done with an automatic dosing pump, injecting before the filter 0.5 ml for each m³ of circulating water.
  2. Manually, pour 0.5 ml FLOC LQ per m³ into a water container and distribute the solution in the pool. 
  3. Do not pour into skimmers.

Properties FLOC LQ

Look Liquid
Color Slightly yellow
Apparent density 1,15 - 1,20 g/cm3
pH of a 1% aqueous solution 5 - 6
Container 20 L

IMPORTANT: in removable pools or spas using a cartridge filtration system, we do not recommend the use of flocculants. In this case, a clarifier can be used. 

Remember that for a correct treatment of the pool water it is important to adjust the pH levels to 7.2 - 7.6 and to adjust the optimum chlorine levels.

Data sheet
Liner / Polyester
Water treatment with
Package size
25 Kg/L
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