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Case analyzer chlorine free/total CHECKIT
  • Case analyzer chlorine free/total CHECKIT
  • Case analyzer chlorine total/free SOFTWARE

Case analyzer chlorine free/total CHECKIT

  • Case analyzer colorimetric Checkit
  • Comparator analytical manual
  • For the daily analysis of the water
  • Ideal for residential swimming pools and spas

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Checkit Comparator 

It is a compact and easy to use colorimetric system. It analyzes the free and total chlorine levels of the pool water through a disc with a color graduation.

This test kit is perfect for residential pools and spas for daily or weekly monitoring of pool chlorine levels. This kit is composed of fast dissolving DPD tablets to test free chlorine and total chlorine. 

This comparator is based on a disc with a continuous color graduation, allowing an exact chromatic match between the color standard and the aqueous test. Thanks to the careful selection of materials and optimized manufacturing, the discs will remain color stable over a long period of time, ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

The disc has a scale of 0 to 1 mg/l and provides high accuracy of analysis. The accuracy of the disc is ± 5% final value. 

Lovibond checkit kit 

  • 2 cuvettes and a stir bar
  • DPD 1 and DPD 3 reagent tablets to perform 30 tests
  • Multilingual manual
  • Warranty
  • Checkit disc 
  • Comparator in a sturdy plastic box

Instructions for use

  1. Fill both cuvettes with the test up to the 10 ml mark.
  2. Place one cell as a blank test in the left compartment of the Comparator
  3. Add one DPD 1 (free Chlorine) or DPD 3 (total Chlorine) tablet to the second cell and close it with the cap.
  4. Shake until the tablet is completely dissolved and place this cell in the right compartment. 
  5. Wait for a reaction period of 2 minutes 
  6. After equalization of the color produced in the cuvette with the CHECKIT Disc, read the result in m/l free or total Chlorine. 

The optimum free chlorine level is between 1-3 ppm and the optimum total chlorine level is between 0.5 - 1.5 ppm. You can consult our related products to regulate the level of chlorine in your pool. 

Tips for use

  • Position the cuvette in the compartment in such a way that the point is facing the user.
  • To ensure maximum color accuracy, always perform the color adjustment in daylight.
  • The cuvettes should be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly after each determination.
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