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Spare Parts Swimming Pools

We understand the importance of maximizing the life of your pool equipment, which is why we offer a wide range of high quality pool replacement parts. From pool pump parts to Dolphin pool cleaner parts and dosing pumps, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and durable solutions.

In our selection of pool pump spare parts, you will find replacement parts from leading brands such as ESPA, PSH, DAB, SACI, KRIPSOL, all of which are 100% original. We are committed to ensure that each component meets the highest quality standards.

For users of Dolphin pool cleaners, we offer an extensive catalog of Dolphin spare parts, backed by the seal of Dolphin official distributor. We are also an official Dolphin Technical Service, so here you can find 100% original spare parts with all the manufacturer's warranties.

We also have spare parts for Seko dosing and peristaltic pumps, all of them original and quality. 

We are committed to provide you with the necessary resources for optimal performance of your pool equipment. Trust us to keep your equipment in perfect condition and enjoy a worry-free pool experience.

  • Spare parts pool pumps

    Wide range of spare parts pumps swimming pool from the leading brands in the industry such as ESPA, PSH or DAB. Baskets for pump, filters for swimming pools, seals, gaskets, nuts and many more original parts suitable for all kinds of models. Please contact us and we will help you find the replacement you need. Enjoy the best online price and a purchase 100% satisfactory.

  • Spare parts pool cleaners Dolphin

    Find all kinds of spare parts for pool cleaners Dolphin brand in our section of spare parts for pool cleaners. All parts cleaners original manufacturer with all the guarantees of quality and compatibility. If you want to extend the life of your robot, this is your section. We have filters, PVA brushes, power supplies and many more spare parts, but if you need a spare part for pool cleaners that does not appear in our catalog, please contact us and we will find it for you. Whatever spare part you need, in the Momentos Piscina online pool store you will find it.

  • Spare parts dosing pumps

    In this section of spare parts for metering pumps you will find spare parts for electromagnetic and peristaltic metering pumps Seko.  

    Wide range of spare parts such as head, foot valve, injection valve... for electromagnetic pumps such as Seko Tekna, Kompact or Invikta models.  

    If what you need is a spare part for your peristaltic pump such as the santoprene tube or the roller holder in our online store Momentos Piscina you can find it. 

    And we do not forget the basic and indispensable how the flexible tube of transparent PVC and white PE impulsion tube with two diameter options compatible with any metering pump.  

    If you want to have a more exhaustive control of your chlorine or pH dosing pump, you only have to buy an electrode and a level probe. You will be able to measure the level of the liquid to be dosed and you will also ensure that the pump does not work without product.  

  • Spare parts pool basin

    For a correct functioning of the pool it is very important that all the elements that compose it are in perfect condition, for this reason we have the original spare parts of material for the pool tank Astralpool. 

    In our Momentos Piscina online store you will find different accessories such as baskets, skimmer covers and gates and drain grids. 

    Replace the spare part in poor condition to ensure optimal operation and performance of all the elements that make up the pool shell.

  • Spare parts outside pool

    The accessories outside the pool also have an important role for the proper functioning of the pool, as is the case of the grids. A component that is placed in the overflow or channel of the pool and whose function is to collect the overflowing water.

    They are characterized for being resistant materials, with a non-slip surface and thanks to its disposition it avoids the overflowing of the waves.

    There are different types of pool overflows: longitudinal grating, curved, transverse... to adapt to the different shapes of the pool.

    Find the original Astralpool grating replacement to ensure a safe outdoor space.

  • Spare parts Polaris 165

    Polaris 165 cleaner replacement parts are replacement parts and accessories designed specifically for the maintenance and proper operation of the Polaris 165 cleaner.

    Among the most common replacement parts are the collection bag, the hose and the cover with the mechanism.

    The hose is the main part of the hydraulic pool cleaner, as it is the one that connects the device to the pool filtration system and allows the water to flow to create a suction effect that drags the dirt from the bottom. 

    The bag is responsible for collecting and retaining the dirt and debris on the bottom of the pool, preventing it from leaking back into the water. 

    The cover acts as a kind of valve that regulates the flow of water into the cleaner and controls the direction and speed of its movement. The internal mechanism usually consists of a system of gears or turbines that are activated by water pressure and transmit the movement to the rest of the cleaner.

    It is important to be sure to purchase Polaris brand replacement parts to ensure compatibility and proper operation of the 165 cleaner. It is also advisable to replace parts on a regular basis to maintain the performance of the cleaner and prolong its life.

Active filters

Filter basket PSH ND.2


Astralpool Sena prefilter lock


Longitudinal grid plate


Skimmer basket


Hand knob + swivel nut Kripsol KS/KSE


Wing nut Saci Optima


Complete head Seko Tekna/Maxima


Link 3 pieces


Long tracked belt Dolphin 9985006


Spare Espa Body pump Typhoon


Shaft ESPA SILEN S 100


Front Bearing PSH MICRO


Front and rear Bearing PSH MAXI 15-20-30


Astralpool Sena filter cover key


Hose section and filter bag set


Curved grating plate


Circular skimmer cover


Gasket kit Kripsol KS/KSE


Prefilter cover Saci Optima


SEKO valve set


Wheel bearing Dolphin 9983114


Bearing PSH ND.1 and ND.2 from 24 to 28


Rear bearing PSH MICRO


Cover connection box ESPA IRIS