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PVC butterfly valves

The butterfly valve is a PVC fitting used to stop or regulate the flow of a fluid through a pipeline. This valve increases or decreases the flow by means of a disc called a butterfly.  By turning the handle, the opening of the disc and therefore the flow rate is adjusted.  

We have the Cepex classic series butterfly valve that controls the fluid using the minimum of space. In addition, we have a butterfly valve mounting kit that includes a sleeve, movable flanges and hardware.  

Cepex PVC fittings are resistant to many inorganic chemicals and offer excellent flow characteristics, strength and durability.  

Active filters

PVC-U butterfly valve mounting kit with movable flange


Receive it between Tue 18 and Thu 20

PVC-U Butterfly Valve Classic EPDM Series


Receive it between Tue 18 and Thu 20