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Adhesives, glues and solvents for PVC

Ensuring a perfect seal between fittings is essential to guarantee the correct functioning of the circuit and therefore ensure the conduction of fluids. For this reason, we supply adhesives and glues for PVC and cleaning solvents for PVC.  

We recommend the use of glue such as Cepex adhesive or Tangit glue for gluing PVC-U fittings. And the use of PTFE tape or thread to guarantee watertightness in threaded fittings. 

An essential pre-treatment for a perfect joint is to clean the PVC pipes and fittings with cleaning solvent, thus cleaning the surface to be glued and eliminating impurities.  

Remember that preparation is important to achieve a perfect seal. 

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Special adhesive for rigid PVC Chemical and temperature resistance Guaranteed watertightness Ideal for pressure pipe joints
Cleaning solvent for rigid PVC Cleans and degreases PVC-U fittings and pipes. Fundamental preparation for a perfect joint Available in 500 ml and 1000 ml containers

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