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Swimming Pool Pumps

Wide range of pumps, swimming pool maximum efficiency with the that keep your pool clean and healthy without effort. Found a motor, sewage treatment plant swimming pool from recognized brands such as Espa, PSH or DAB and take home the water pump is perfect for the needs of your swimming pool. In our shop, swimming pools , we offer the lowest prices with the highest quality guaranteed. Remember that you can also get all kinds of spare parts pumps pool, ESPA, PSH or DAB and lengthen the life of your water pump for the pool.

  • Pumps DAB

    DAB water pumps offer a wide range of pumps for water recirculation in domestic, residential, civil, commercial, agricultural and irrigation pools. The manufacturer DAB PUMPS has been offering advanced, efficient and reliable technological solutions for over 40 years. The high performance, reliability and quality of its components are some of the characteristics for which DAB pumps are a great choice. DAB centrifugal pumps are compact, quiet and guarantee high energy savings.

  • Pumps PSH

    Choose the pumps PSH to equip the swimming pool is a wise decision. Pumps pool PSH POOLS have, since 1910, in constant evolution adapting to the new needs of the market and social concerns such as environmental sustainability and water saving. Its high efficiency, the high quality of materials and the use of the latest technologies in their models are some of the features that the pumps PSH are an excellent choice.

  • Pumps ESPA

    The brand of pumps Espa is one of the most recognized among the manufacturers of pumps pool. Its more than 50 years of history, dedicated to the production of water pumps, Espa and other pumping equipment, has allowed the brand to create bombs of the first quality, efficiency and reliability. Discover the wide range of models pump Espa that we have in Moments the Pool:

  • Pumps Astralpool

    The Astralpool pump brand is one of the most recognized brands among pool pump manufacturers. It has more than 40 years of history offering a wide variety of products for both residential and public swimming pools and in the wellness sector.

    The Astralpool self-priming centrifugal pumps are very robust, silent, have a large built-in pre-filter and are designed especially for private pools and spas.

    Discover in Momentos Piscina the Astralpool pool pump catalogue and choose the pump that best suits your installation. 

  • Pumps Kripsol

    Kripsol is a brand of products dedicated to residential pool equipment. They offer products that are increasingly technological, environmentally friendly and provide savings in water and energy consumption. The reliability, durability and quality of its components are some of the characteristics for which these self-priming centrifugal pumps stand out. 

    We have a wide range of powers of kripsol pool pumps (from the KORAL KSE Kripsol of 1/3 CV to the KORAL KSE Kripsol of 3 CV) to choose according to the voltage between single-phase and three-phase krispol pumps. Discover in our online store the complete series of KSE pumps and find the one that best suits your installation. 

  • Pumps Saci

    The Saci brand offers water treatment solutions for dirty, clean, submersible, surface, etc. water. It has been offering high quality products for more than 40 years, innovating to be pioneers in the sector and giving personalized attention to its customers.  

    Saci pool pumps are the best option if you are looking for a low noise emission pump, with a large pre-filter, double connection for gluing or screwing, among other advantages.  

    They stand out for being compatible with salt water and some of the models incorporate high efficiency IE3 motors. 

    We have two models of Saci pumps, Winner and Optima, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.  

  • Pumps Hayward

    Hayward designs, manufactures and distributes swimming pool equipment for more than 25 years offering solutions for water treatment. Among the range of products they offer are the classic pool pumps that are characterized by their robustness and for being reliable equipment. 

    Hayward Pumps is a good choice if you are looking for a residential pool pump that is compact, with high performance and ensures optimum performance.

    We have two models of Hayward pumps, Starpump and Starpump II in single-phase current so you can choose the model that best suits your needs and your installation.

  • Pumps Aquagem

    Aquagem is the first leading pool pump company with full inverter, which brings the most silent and energy saving pumping equipment. 

    The Inver Silence technology combines full inverter technology, hydraulic volute system and brushless DC motor, which not only allows the pump to run intelligently at 30 ~ 100% of its capacity to fulfill its various functions but also reduces the sound level by more than 30 times and saves energy by up to 90%.

    In addition to its design, it features an intelligent touch controller through which to control, modify and change the various options offered by the pump.

    There are three models of Tomahawk pumps to choose from, depending on the volume of the pool and the diameter of the filter for optimum performance of the equipment.

Active filters

StarPump 0.25 HP


Pump PSH Micro 25 single-Phase


StarPump 0.33 HP


Pump PSH Micro-33 single Phase


StarPump 0.5 HP


Pump PSH Micro 50 single-Phase


StarPump 0.75 HP


Pump PSH Mini 33 single-Phase


StarPump 1 HP


Pump PSH Mini 50 single-Phase


StarPump 1.5 HP


Pump PSH Mini-80 single-Phase


StarPump II 0.5 HP


Pump PSH Mini-80 three-Phase


StarPump II 0.75 HP


Pump PSH Mini 100 single-Phase


StarPump II 1 HP


Pump PSH Mini 100 three-Phase


StarPump II 1.5 HP


Pump PSH ND.1 09 single-Phase


Pump PSH ND.1 14 single-Phase


Pump PSH ND.1 14 three-Phase


Pump PSH ND.1 19 single Phase


Pump PSH ND.1 19 three-Phase