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Spare parts Polaris 165

Polaris 165 cleaner replacement parts are replacement parts and accessories designed specifically for the maintenance and proper operation of the Polaris 165 cleaner.

Among the most common replacement parts are the collection bag, the hose and the cover with the mechanism.

The hose is the main part of the hydraulic pool cleaner, as it is the one that connects the device to the pool filtration system and allows the water to flow to create a suction effect that drags the dirt from the bottom. 

The bag is responsible for collecting and retaining the dirt and debris on the bottom of the pool, preventing it from leaking back into the water. 

The cover acts as a kind of valve that regulates the flow of water into the cleaner and controls the direction and speed of its movement. The internal mechanism usually consists of a system of gears or turbines that are activated by water pressure and transmit the movement to the rest of the cleaner.

It is important to be sure to purchase Polaris brand replacement parts to ensure compatibility and proper operation of the 165 cleaner. It is also advisable to replace parts on a regular basis to maintain the performance of the cleaner and prolong its life.

Active filters

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- Hose section wall connector...
Hose section wall connector assembly €99.00
- Balloon-type regulator
Balloon-type regulator €19.90
- Hose section wall connector...
Hose section wall connector assembly without wall connector €89.90