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Pump Saci Magnus

The Saci Magnus pump is a high quality solution for public pool pumping- This centrifugal pump is designed specifically for use in swimming pool environments, and features a rugged, durable construction in heavy-duty polypropylene and an AISI 316 stainless steel shaft to ensure the strength and durability needed to withstand constant, prolonged use.

The Magnus pump is a powerful and efficient option for handling large volumes of water, making it ideal for public pool environments that need reliable, high-performance equipment to keep water clean and crystal clear. 

In addition, its ease of installation and maintenance makes it an ideal choice for those looking for an efficient, low-maintenance pool pumping solution. 

We have several models from 2.5 hp to 10 hp in three-phase current 230/400v or 400/690V.

Contact our technicians if you need advice to choose the ideal pump for your installation.

Active filters

Pump Saci Magnus-4 250 230/400V


Pump Saci Magnus-4 300 230/400V


Pump Saci Magnus-4 400 230/400V


Pump Saci Magnus-4 750 400/690V


Pump Saci Magnus-4 1000 400/690V


Pump Saci Magnus-4 750 230/400V


Pump Saci Magnus-4 1000 230/400V