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Metering pumps

The metering pumps are the elements that allow us to maintain automatically a proper parameters of chlorine and/or pH in our pool. The main function of these pumps is the dosage of liquids, such as chlorine or the pH to maintain the ideal level of these parameters in the water. Have a control and adjustment of these levels is essential to prevent problems such as irritation of the eyes or the appearance of algae in the pool. Discover all the metering pumps for pH and chlorine pools and find the most suitable for you.

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Wall mounted dosing pump with analogue interface and constant dosing Flow rate adjustable by potentiometer in front panel, with two ranges of dosage.  Two range frequencies: (0-20% or 0-100%) Manufacturer references:...
Analogue interface and constant dosage Manually adjustable flow rate. 2 frequency ranges (/5). Level switch and input. Manufacturer references:            -AKL 603: AKL603NHP0000.           -AKL 800: AKL800NHP0000. 
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