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Metering pumps

The metering pumps are the elements that allow us to maintain automatically a proper parameters of chlorine and/or pH in our pool. The main function of these pumps is the dosage of liquids, such as chlorine or the pH to maintain the ideal level of these parameters in the water. Have a control and adjustment of these levels is essential to prevent problems such as irritation of the eyes or the appearance of algae in the pool. Discover all the metering pumps for pH and chlorine pools and find the most suitable for you.

Active filters

Dosing pump SEKO Invikta KCS


Dosing pump SEKO TEKNA AKS


Dosing pump SEKO TEKNA TPR


Dosing pump SEKO TEKNA TPG


Dosing pump SEKO TEKNA AKL


Dosing pump SEKO TEKNA TCK


Dosing pump SEKO KOMPACT AMS 200


Pool Basic Evo Seko pH control system


Pool Basic Double Evo Seko pH + ORP control system


P Series peristaltic dosing pump


PoolOne Peristaltic Dosing Pump SEKO


Peristaltic dosing pump CTX Mypool Dos pH Rx


Peristaltic pump CTX 1 l/h - 5 bar


CTX peristaltic pump E Serie pH


MyPool CTX pH pump electrode


Redox electrode MyPool CTX pump


pH electrode with calibration solutions


ORP electrode with calibration solutions