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Spare parts pool basin

For a correct functioning of the pool it is very important that all the elements that compose it are in perfect condition, for this reason we have the original spare parts of material for the pool tank Astralpool. 

In our Momentos Piscina online store you will find different accessories such as baskets, skimmer covers and gates and drain grids. 

Replace the spare part in poor condition to ensure optimal operation and performance of all the elements that make up the pool shell.

Active filters

Skimmer basket


Circular skimmer cover


Cover and circular skimmer ring white


Cover and square ring skimmer


Hinged skimmer gate


Skimmer basket cover with cap


Skimmer basket 17,5 lts.


Skimmer cover


Square skimmer cover white


Skimmer gate with clip


Skimmer basket cover


Sump grating 2"


Sump grating 1 1/2"-2" concrete