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Pool Cleaners Swimming Pool

If you are looking for a cleaner pool that allows you to keep your pool clean without effort and do not require a large investment of money, the shop swimming Times swimming Pool the ideal place to find it. We have all type of pool cleaners pool electric, pool cleaners and water cleaner manuals, and brands and manufacturers of great prestige such as the Dolphin or Zodiac.

  • Manual pool cleaners

    One of the most economical and easy options for cleaning and vacuuming small particles deposited on the bottom of the pool are manual pool cleaners. At Momentos Piscina we have a wide range of models such as the manual flexo, aluminium, triangular and other models. These manual pool cleaners can be supplied with two types of fixing, by means of a clip or a handle and they are connected to the suction outlet. If you want to automate this process you will be interested in the hydraulic cleaners or the electric cleaners. Consult our online store for the different models of cleaners and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

  • Electric pool cleaners

    The electric pool cleaners are the perfect solution for all those who have been tired of cleaning the pool manually, and want to enjoy more of your free time. If you want a clean pool with crystal clear water without a little tired, the pool cleaners swimming pool electric are perfect for you. Choose in our swimming pool store between brands such as Dolphin, BWTZodiac, Typhoo or Astralpool.

  • Hydraulic pool cleaner

    Another option for cleaning the pool are the hydraulic cleaners, unlike the electric cleaners that are autonomous and independent, they must be connected to the pool filtration system. They use the power of the pump to operate and are connected to the cleaner's socket or skimmer. Discover in our online store the range of hydraulic cleaners that best suits your needs. 

  • Accessories cleaning swimming pools

    Find the best prices on cleaning accessories for swimming pool such as recogehojas, brushes or handles and take care yourself of the basic maintenance tasks. Get in the shop swimming pools online Times Pool the best accessories cleaning pool with great strength and effectiveness. If you need advice when choosing the accessories to clean the pool, consultation with our team of professionals and receive personalized advice. Enjoy los best cleaning accessories swimming pool and fast delivery of your order!

Active filters

Dolphin Pool In pool cleaner

Dolphin Pool Up pool cleaner

Manual aluminum pool cleaner


Dolphin E30 pool cleaner

Pool Cleaner Polaris 280


Dolphin E40i pool cleaner

Pool Cleaner Polaris 3900 Sport


Manual pool cleaner flexo Shark


Pool cleaner Zodiac MX8


Manual pool cleaner oval Shark


Pool cleaner Polaris 165

Dolphin F60 pool cleaner

Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T5 Duo


Hydraulic pool cleaner Zodiac T3


Pool Cleaner Astralpool Mamba


Pool Cleaner Astralpool Splasher


BWT B100 Pool Cleaner

Pool Bottom Leaf Collector Blue Line


BWT B200 Pool Cleaner

BWT D100 Pool Cleaner

Cyclonic Leaf Catcher leaf prefilter


BWT D200 Pool Cleaner

BWT D300 Pool Cleaner

Flexible Manual Pool Cleaner Blue Line