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Pool Cleaner Polaris 280
  • Pool Cleaner Polaris 280
  • Pool Cleaner Polaris 280

Pool Cleaner Polaris 280

  • Pressure pool cleaner with high suction power.
  • Designed for free-form pools up to 14 x 7 m.
  • Incorporates 2 jets that create the Venturi effect.
  • Requires an additional 1 HP pump

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Polaris 280 automatic pool cleaner 

The Polaris 280 automatic pool cleaner is a hydraulic pool cleaner, so its operation is based on the pressure or suction of the water using the energy of a pump. Suction cleaners such as the Polaris 280 have their own filter bag that collects the suctioned debris and thus avoids overloading the pump's pre-filter. 

It is a high pressure cleaner that uses a physical principle called "Venturi Effect" that converts the incoming water into a powerful suction stream. This efficiency delivers maximum efficiency in minimum time.

The Polaris 280 is characterized by its robustness, efficiency and maneuverability. It is the perfect equipment for inground pools up to 14 x 7 meters.  An additional 1 HP pressure pump is required, like the Espa Multipool pump.

Advantages Polaris 280

  • For in-ground pools up to 14 x 7 meters
  • All types of liners: gresite, liner, polyester, painted...
  • Suitable for any shape and size thanks to its transmission system.
  • Easy emptying and cleaning bag
  • It has 2 jets facing each other to create the Venturi effect.
  • Incorporates anti-blocking backflow valve
  • Multidirectional displacement
  • Wide suction channel 

Technical characteristics Polaris 280

Type of system Pressurized hydraulic
Power source Additional 1 hp pump coupled to the filtration system
Suction Venturi system 2 jets
Waste collection Separate bag + delivery tail
Operating pressure 2,2 bars
Specific line for pool cleaner Rigid hose 16 bars
Bag fixing Clips
Filtration capacity 20 micron
Displacement speed 15 m/min
Suction dimension 7 cm
Hose length 9,60 m
Weight of cleaner 3,2 Kg

Polaris 280 operation 

The following diagram explains the installation and operation of the Polaris 280 hydraulic pool cleaner.

Operation diagram Polaris 280

  1. The water is sucked by the pump through the skimmers and the bottom sump.
  2. The water is sent to the filter to be purified.
  3. The water returns clean to the pool through the return pipes.
  4. A bypass is created in this piping system to feed the auxiliary pump.
  5. The Polaris 280 cleaner is connected to the suction inlet which has become a return pipe.
  6. The Venturi effect generated by the jets converts the incoming water into a powerful suction stream and allows the cleaner to move.
  7. The length of the tubing must be equal to the distance between the return pipe and the farthest point 
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