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About us

Times Pool is an online store where you will find everything you need for your pool and garden.

We know that both the pool and the garden in need of maintenance and constant care to look and can be enjoyed throughout the year. For us the terrace or in the garden are a special place of the house, a space of encounter, where people share and enjoy the essence of one of the best corners of your home. That's why we help you that this place is the best corner of your house, you enjoy so as to decorate it, you activate your creativity and what you can share with friends and family.

We will advise you at all times on the products that you need, which are better adapted to the needs of your swimming pool and garden and answer any of your questions before and during the purchase process.

In Moments Pool we customize each order taking into account your needs, tell us what you need or what problem you have and we'll give you a quick solution.

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What is the purpose of our store of pools and garden?

It is easy, we want to offer you the best solutions with the best prices and the greatest possible safeguards.

Some of our main guarantees are the experience, the knowledge and the will to satisfy our customers, although we also have a system of data protection and security certificate, trust seals and online satisfaction and technical and after sale of first quality.

Our more than 35 years dedicating ourselves to the sale of products for the treatment and enjoyment of water and the garden, we have been used to accumulate a series of knowledge and experiences that we now use to guide you. We are a team of professionals not only seek to offer you the best choice of purchase, but also advise you and find the product that best suits your needs.

From technical advice on pumps, pool cleaners, chemicals, machinery, garden, irrigation systems, and many more, we take care to recommend the best option for you. We like to get home each day knowing that we have helped our customers find just what they needed.

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What we are specialists Moments Pool?

Thanks to our long experience in the sector we know all kinds of treatments, accessories and equipment of swimming pool, so that we can advise you with total confidence any issue related to your pool or your garden. Despite this, our specialties are pumps swimming pool, pool cleaners, spare parts for water pumps and pool cleaners pool.

Pumps swimming pool are one of the stars of our shop, swimming pool, with a great variety of product and competitive prices. We stock pumps and swimming pool parts for pumps of major brands such as Espa, PSH or DAB.

The cleaners are also another of the products with most weight in our store. From pool cleaners manual pool cleaners electric going through the hydraulics, we stock a large amount of types and models of pool cleaners so that they find the perfect one for you. We have the seal of Official distributor Dolphin and we have your official service, so if you are thinking of buying a cleaner electric Dolphin, Moments Pool is your store.

Our other specialties are:

  • Accessories for the access to the pool
  • Material and accessories for the cleaning of swimming pools
  • Chemicals for water maintenance
  • Accessories for spas, saunas and areas Wellness
  • Irrigation accessories
  • Furniture and accessories for the garden
  • Treatment for wood exterior

We know our products and we select from among the best brands and manufacturers to bring you the best products at the most competitive prices.

Do you want to check it out for yourself? You look forward to.

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