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Irrigation systems

To make your garden look green, strong and fresh all year round it is important to incorporate irrigation systems that automate this watering process. We want to take care of your garden, that's why at Momentos Piscina we have different types of watering systems so you can choose the one that best suits your garden.

Several elements influence an irrigation system such as sprinklers, diffusers and nozzles, electrovalves and irrigation programmers. All these components have to be chosen according to several factors: seasons of your garden, dimensions of the garden, soil characteristics, water quality, among other factors. 

When considering which system to use, it is important to take into account the difference between an irrigation sprinkler and an irrigation diffuser, that is why we told you about it in an article in the Momentos Piscina blog. In our gardening store you can choose between the toro diffusers or the toro sprinklers as the mini 8 toro sprinkler designed to cover the most difficult areas. 

One of the most important elements of a watering system are the watering valves, which are responsible for opening and closing the water flow according to the instructions of the controller. In Momentos Piscina we have a wide catalog of bull irrigation electrovalves and bull irrigation programmers to choose depending on several factors. 

Complete your garden with the bull irrigation system and enjoy a well cared for, clean and sanitized garden. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any questions.

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Diffuser TORO irrigation Series 570XF. Official Distributor Ideal for applications with high variations of pressure, stretches long and sloping areas. With a device of full closure of the flow in case of breakage.
Sprinkler irrigation TORO Series T7 Official distributor Built to withstand harsh conditions and vandalism on city-owned land and government, fields, and commercial facilities 5-year warranty.
Diffuser TORO irrigation LPS. Official distributor. They have a compact body, and nozzles ARE pre-installed, with height-retractable 50 mm or 100 mm (2 or 4 inch). Residential use, by its nozzle of small diameter...
Sprinkler TORO irrigation impact series IMPOP Official distributor Perfect for any flow in grasses of medium to large. 2 years of warranty. Reliable operation with wastewater or other types of 'dirty' water.
Nozzles irrigation-MP Rotator for diffusers. Official distributor. Generate rotating streams, with various paths that throw the water at a constant speed, absorbing the earth the water slowly. Compatible with...
Solenoid LATCH of the BULL to electroválculas TORO irrigation. Dc latching solenoid, encapsulated. Valid for all valves BULL with solenoid Latch, 9 v. Solenoid valves EZ-FLO PLUS, POS, P150, P220. Solenoid 2-wire....
Extension diffuser TORO irrigation 570. Official distributor. Application: watering shrubs Joins the nozzle to the elevator, 1/2". It adapts to the nozzles 570 Input with female thread 1/2".

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