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Hedge trimmer

The hedge trimmer is a tool whose function is to cut or prune the hedges and bushes, having them healthy, free of branches and with a nice shape so that the garden looks all year round. Hedge trimmers can be differentiated into gasoline hedge trimmers and electric hedge trimmers.

Electric hedge trimmers offer advantages over petrol hedge trimmers: good power and cutting speed when connected to the mains, easier work on shaping hedges and bushes thanks to the high amperage, and no emissions into the environment. On the other hand, with the electric hedge trimmers the mobility can be reduced by the electric connection and the power will depend on the amperage. 

In our garden store we have ECHO hedge trimmers, designed to be durable, light and well-balanced. ECHO products are also characterized by their power and comfort and can be used by both professionals and individuals. Like the ECHO HC 560 electric cable hedge trimmer, it is easy to handle and quiet, offering maximum versatility and safety

We also have accessories such as the ECHO PAS accessory, HCAA-2401A height hedge trimmer, which allows you to adjust to 7 different cutting positions and trim wide and high hedges. In addition to a bio-shredder to recycle and shred the remains of the pruning as well as a lawn regenerator to remove dead plant matter that accumulates at the base of the lawn.

Find in Momentos Piscina the ideal hedge trimmer to have a garden in perfect conditions and look beautiful all year round. Do not hesitate to contact our team for any questions. 

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