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Nozzles for diffusers

The nozzles for diffusers are the main part of the diffuser, since it is the one that projects the water in the form of a fan. When choosing the nozzle it is important to consider two factors, the range or flow and the angle. So, before choosing, it is important to measure the garden hose well so that it is covered by the watering and thus ensure uniform watering.

In our online store we have different types of toro diffuser nozzles so you can choose the one that best suits your garden area. 

The fixed angle nozzles, like the MPR irrigation nozzle, with angles to choose between 90º, 120º, 180º, 270º or 360º. They can be a good choice for watering lawns with regular or wide open shapes. 

Adjustable or variable nozzles, such as the TVAN nozzle, offer excellent efficiency and great versatility. Providing a simple arc adjustment from 0º to 360º.

Stripe nozzles, such as the MPR stripe nozzle, are recommended for watering very specific and narrow areas. Widely used for watering a walkway without getting wet outside the lawn. 

Rotary nozzles, such as the MP Rotator watering nozzle, generate rotating jets with various trajectories, providing uniformity and flexibility in watering. 

In Momentos Piscina you will find a wide catalogue of bull irrigation nozzles, recognized by their versatility and efficiency in irrigation. Do not hesitate to contact our Momento Piscina team for any question. 

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