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Anti-algae pool

The anti-algae pool or algaecide is a product used to prevent the appearance of algae, bacteria and fungi that cause greenish coloring and slippery surfaces. The conditions for algae to stay and reproduce are: very hot water, unbalanced pH levels, few hours with the filtration equipment... Algae are installed in the pool when free chlorine is not enough so avoiding algae in the pool is just a matter of good maintenance. Prevention is the best solution!

In our online store we have concentrated anti-algae products, such as the 5L liquid anti-algae concentrate, perfect for applying a maintenance treatment every week to prevent algae growth and to achieve clean and crystal clear water. 

If the algae have already been installed in your pool, don't worry, we have the products to kill them! At Momentos Piscina we have a wide range of products to remove all types of algae: green, brown, black, yellow and red. Like the CTX-575, a concentrated algae killer that will eliminate all types of algae and can be applied to all types of pools. 

One of the most pleasant things and even more in summer, is to make a dip in a pool with clean and transparent water but for that it is necessary to make an optimal maintenance. So we recommend you to control the chlorine and pH levels, clean the bottom and walls and apply anti-algae to prevent greenish coloring and slippery surfaces. As the saying goes: Better safe than sorry!

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Anti-algae liquid concentrate 5 L


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Anti-algae liquid concentrate 25 L


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Depredator CTX-575 algae destroyer 1L


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Depredator CTX-575 Algae destroyer 3L


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CTX Phosfree phosphates remover


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AlgaStop Ultra Power CTX


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