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Demountable pools

The demountable pools are perfect for those people who want to enjoy a swimming pool in a comfortable, functional and economical without sacrificing good quality, durability and design. In our shop, swimming pools we offer swimming pools, dismountable pools and inflatables are perfect for all your family make the most of the good times in the pool without a high cost. Enjoy the summer while paying less with Times Pool.

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Cover Gre of winter For swimming pools oval Protects the pool during the winter or when it is necessary. Material: polyethylene with a thickness of 120 g/m2. Table of dimensions winter cover Last units in stock
Astralpool original spare part for 15 L skimmers Circular skimmer cover reference 4402010108. Dimensions:              - Top diameter: 21.3 cm.              - Bottom diameter: 19 cm.              - Height: 2 cm.
Protect the pipes from possible frost and cover the nozzles of your pool. By turning the wing nut, the cap expands and adapts to the hole. Model 2 ":               - Top diameter: 51 mm               - Bottom...

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