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Spare parts SEKO Kompact

Seko Kompact dosing pumps stand out for their reliability and ease of use. They provide a general solution to common daily needs, with availability of constant and proportional flow rates adjustable on the front panel.  

If any of the Kompact metering pump elements are worn or in poor condition, we have the spare parts to get you back to full performance. 

We have a wide variety of spare parts such as the head or the suction and impulsion valves necessary to suck the product and impel it to the pipe.  

Remember that for an optimal operation of the Seko pump it is important that all parts are in perfect condition.  

Active filters

Number Image Product Price Quantity Buy
1 Complete pump head for Seko pumps
Complete pump head for Seko pumps €52.61
2 Suction and delivery valves for Seko pumps
Suction and delivery valves for Seko pumps €26.24
3 Seko dosing pump membrane
Seko dosing pump membrane €22.28
4 Wall bracket Seko Kompact
Wall bracket Seko Kompact €14.66
- pH Electrode
pH Electrode €89.00
- Redox electrode
Redox electrode €113.56
- pH / ORP probe holders
pH / ORP probe holders €33.78
- Dosing pump level probe
Dosing pump level probe €47.72
- Coupling for 4x6 tube
Coupling for 4x6 tube €17.68
- Flexible tube PVC transparent
Flexible tube PVC transparent €1.18
- Impulsion pipe PE white
Impulsion pipe PE white €1.14