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Spare parts peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps are characterized by robust and economical dosing solutions, easy to install and connect thanks to the wall mounting bracket. 

We offer a wide range of spare parts for peristaltic pumps so that you can replace the parts in bad condition and get back to maximum performance.   

We have different spare parts such as the roller holder whose function is to make the contraction and relaxation of the tube or the Santoprene tube that is responsible for conducting the fluid. 

Remember that for a correct operation of the Seko pump it is important that all the parts are in optimal conditions. 

Active filters

Number Image Product Price Quantity Buy
- pH Electrode
pH Electrode €93.45
- Redox electrode
Redox electrode €119.23
- Santoprene Pipe Santoprene Pipe €14.50
0 Foot valve with counterweight
Foot valve with counterweight €20.38
0 PP injection valve
PP injection valve €20.47
- pH / ORP probe holders
pH / ORP probe holders €35.48
0 Peristaltic pump roller holder
Peristaltic pump roller holder €14.82
- Dosing pump level probe
Dosing pump level probe €50.11
- Coupling for 4x6 tube
Coupling for 4x6 tube €18.56
0 Replacement peristaltic pump Pool Basic
Replacement peristaltic pump Pool Basic €86.78
- Flexible tube PVC transparent
Flexible tube PVC transparent €1.23
- Impulsion pipe PE white
Impulsion pipe PE white €1.20