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Pump ESPA Silen Plus

The Silen Plus pool pump is one of the most innovative pumps in the ESPA water pump range. The Silen Plus incorporates the frequency inverter into the ESPA model with a significant improvement in its operation to adapt the set to the pool application: the variation of speeds in the work cycles.

In addition, the ESPA Silen Plus pump incorporates a wireless control system, ESPA evopool® control system, to automate the operation of the installation, achieving maximum ease and efficiency of operation. ESPA evopool® control system detects the position of the selector valve and transmits it to the pump to automatically activate or deactivate the operating cycle according to that position.

The result, Silen Plus is the most advanced model in the range and maximum expression of EVOPOOL® technology with a series of unique advantages. The efficiency of ESPA models and their continuous and ultra-quiet operation must not be left aside.

Choose from three models: the Silen Plus 1M 1Hp, the Silen Plus 2M 2Hp and the Silen Plus 3M 3Hp. Find in Momentos Piscina the perfect pump for your installation.

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